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H&R ROPPONGI | ホテル & レジデンス六本木


Room list

Have a Lovely Stay with Us

Room list

Have a Lovely Stay with Us

A new hotel style perfect for those who demand the best.

We offer a variety of designed rooms with individual themes.
You can choose depending on your feelings and situation.
Guests will enjoy the stimulation and energy these rooms provide.



Step through your front door into an environment or opulent green. Land on a soft field of grass or feel wonderfully lost in the middle of a vast green gardenpark.

Japanese-style Room ZEN

Based on the concept of Zen Japanese meditation, this room and its furniture were designed and selected to promote a feeling of peace and meditation. A three tatami mat tea space is tucked beside your bed and we invite you to contemplate and refresh your mind in this environment of quiet light and subtle hues.

Japanese-style Room REN

By applying western designs with our method and technology, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind modern Japanese room. A specific aspect of this intriguing combination of East and West is the fine vertical touch of wood lattice ornamented over the bed and on the surrounding walls.

Japanese-style Room LIN

A beautiful repetition of vertical, extended wooden lattice design brings a positive energy and stimulating effect to this special room. Spend time surrounded by modern Japanese design here at Tokyo’s core.


Divided into three different spaces: dining, living, and sleeping, our Luxury Room offers the comfort of home in the heart of Japan’s most bustling city.


Four Cube

The architect who produced this room aimed for it to function as a small house. Divided into four cubes, one for sitting on a sofa, in front of a desk, having a bath, and sleeping; the room covers your lifestyle as a whole.

Patio Room

A large patio-design bathroom with a ceiling height of 3.5 meters is the highlight of this unique room allowing you to enjoy the openness and freedom of the space just like you would on a country patio garden.


Deluxe Twin

Deluxe Twin is a 29 square meter room with twin beds each 120 cm wide.A perfect haven in the metropolis for a family of two or three. [ex.Hollywood Twin Room]


Designed by a lovely interior designer specifically for our guests who look for the sweet details in interior goods and furniture.


Combining style and function with all necessary amenities, you will surely have a comfortable and memorable stay. [ex.Superior Room]

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