H&R ROPPONGI | ホテル & レジデンス六本木

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H&R ROPPONGI | ホテル & レジデンス六本木

New Gorgeous Let's stimulate your everyday life.

The bar

We are Hotel & Residence Roppongi
Multi-purpose, multi-lingual, and multi-national.
We bring new values to your life at our multicultural facility.
Our hotel enables you to live while remaining yourself in the urban city.
Our residence & serviced apartments give you the sense of changing trends and people interaction
with restaurants that will enrich your heart and body.
The extraordinary time you spend here will one day become your new normal
and will fill your life with new value.
Let us stimulate your everyday here in Japan.
Enjoy your stay with not a dull moment in it! Welcome to our "New Gorgeous"



Perfect for a Short Stay

Fresh, award winning design and comfort

We offer a variety of designed rooms with various themes.
You can choose them depending on your feelings and situation.
Enjoy the "space for real adults" that stimulates your everyday life.


"DISH" - An artful and new style of floor based on the concept of alcohol and gastronomy. Enjoy staying at the hotel with the afterglow of your meal intact. Choose between Dining style and Bar style.

Garden Suite

Open the door to the feeling of a grass field spread out before you. Our specialty suite room is designed in the image of a hanging garden. Forget the bustle of everyday life and refresh your spirits in this spacious 45㎡ room.

Japanese-style Room ZEN

The “Zen” modern Japanese-style room offers an impressive 45㎡ area with a luxuriously open space that includes a tea room. Featuring a cypress wood bath even while in the middle of the city, this is a space whose charm expresses the uniquely Japanese concept of “Zen”.

Japanese-style Room REN

The “Ren” modern Japanese-style Room offers an impressive area of 40㎡. It features a decorative ceiling of latticed wooden bars, combining Eastern and Western styles and includes a Japanese sense of relaxation amidst comfort and functionality.

Japanese-style Room LIN

The “Lin” modern Japanese-style Room offers an impressive area of 40㎡. With a ceiling height reaching up to 3m, and featuring latticework extending all the way to the ceiling, it is a space where you will be able to feel the charm of refined Japanese elegance.


This luxury room is an extravagant private space for sophisticated guests, with an impressive area of 40㎡. Use it to reward yourself, or to add special splendor to anniversaries and occasions spent with those who are most important to you.

Four Cube

A space containing four rooms - a living room, study, bedroom, and bathroom, uniquely designed to the special preferences of their architects to provide exquisite comfort.These rooms will give you a sensation of brightness and gentle warmth.

Patio Room

This is a wide open room with a ceiling height of 3.5m whose bathroom design is based around large white spaces, in the image of a patio like those found overseas. It can offer a special hideaway for adults with playful tastes.

Deluxe Twin

A quiet space where you can forget the bustle of the city.This is a twin room equipped with two 120-cm wide beds and a sofa.Perfect for spending cherished timeswith your family and friends.

Special Deluxe

A quiet roomy 23㎡ space where you can forget the bustle of the city. It is equipped with a 160-cm wide bed and a two-seater sofa for your comfort and leisurely relaxation.


A quiet space where you can forget the bustle of the city, also equipped with a desk for doing work as you desire. Relax and unwind with a large bed and sofa that can guarantee a comfortable stay.


A quiet space where you can forget the bustle of the city. This is a simple, standard room with a work desk and fully-equipped facilities.

Serviced apartment

Nice place to LIVE

Enjoy the comforts of Hotel & Residence Roppongi

Serviced Apartments

Being told "welcome home" by our concierge
is part of the hotel living experience.
We pride ourselves on our "omotenashi" spirit and offer it to you.

1 Month | Longer than a month

1 month ~ | Furnished | Hotel service

Perfect for short to extended stays of one month or longer. A plan-「Hotel Life with Peace of Mind」 We offer house cleaning and indoor maintenance, access rental for various equipment and concierge services (e.g. parcel reception and delivery, catering, taxi service, etc.) Check in with one simple suitcase. All furnishings, linens, cutlery, washer/dryer, internet, and more are ready from the moment you enter your new residential hotel apartment.

Residence / SOHO

Make Hotel & Residence Roppongi your HQ.

With a long-term contract,
Hotel & Residence Roppongi can act as your office!
Run your business from a hotel!

Residence / SOHO

The RESIDENCE&SOHO contract is a contract of two years or more.
You can work as an office or live as a residence.
With full access to the hotel's connected facilities.
Utilize HR as a base that always offers something fresh and new.

2 Years | Longer than 2 years

Two-year fixed term rental house |
Office registration permitted |
Hotel facilities available

Contracts are renwable. Each apartment is rented as "semi-furnished". The apartments include free WiFi and other hotel services are available to all residents. Enjoy hotel services (e.g. meeting rooms and salon rental) at "Resident" rates, the convenience and effieciency of our services will make your business more effective than ever. We also offer a plan to include furniture rental in your SOHO office space, please do not hesitate to ask. (A fixed two-year rented house contract/office registration is possible.)


Enjoy our DINING experience.

Restaurants and café to enjoy specialty food to the full

Our four restaurants, including “COCONOMA,” at HR offer some uncompromising specialty foods.
Fabulous restaurants to please your body and soul such as,
a restaurant featuring a combination of a chef who grabs the hearts of many celebrities and a butcherer shop which was founded in Showa eight (1933),
a sushi restaurant created by an English speaking sushi chef trained at a first-class hotel,
Teppan-yaki presented by “WA” craftsman, and a café featuring beautiful gluten-free sweets, await you.
Enjoy various specialty foods to the full.

COCONOMA Season Dining


Food being simply delicious is not satisfactory, and food being healthy is a matter of course. Our restaurant presents you with an experience of surprise and fun you'll want to share.

Chef & Butcher Tokyo

Collaboration of Chef & Butcher

This one and only steak restaurant was jointly produced through collaboration of one of the oldest butchers, founded in 1936 and well-known chef 'Best of Vegas; Takeshi OMAE'. Applying new approaches of Asian cooking, they offer the highest quality specialist meats dishes.

Sushi bar "ISANA"

Edo-mae sushi and Japanese food

Enjoy delectable and surprisingly reasonable courses of Edomae sushi and other Japanese “Washoku” food in a relaxed, casual setting. The restaurant design is transparent, modern, and clean. We eagerly welcome individuals as well as group clientele to our special locale.
Some of our staff speak English and can provide a basic outline of the menu.


Kappo and Teppanyaki dishes

We offer prime Saga Beef, evaluated as best among A5 beef, and teppanyaki dishes with seasonal seafood and vegetables cooked by experienced Japanese chefs. Enjoy Kappo dishes and feel the beauty of the four seasons of Japan.


Comfortable MOMENT

A special space where you can be both stimulated and comfortable

Enjoy relaxing with drinks at our lounge or have a meeting at our salon.

HR salon
Moring space

We have a private lounge for use in the hotel, and a bar lounge where you can relax from 6 o'clock in the evening. There's also a special "salon" which can be used as a meeting space and reception room and comfortable "Morning Space" available.

Galerie T

A modern cultural salon that combines cuisine and art to arouse the curiosity of adults. There is an open kitchen in the center of the room. Surrounding it are exhibits of works by Hitonari Tsuji.

Art & design

Hotel & Residence Roppongi has an abundance of art and design picked by our team of creative directors.


We are HERE

Access to "HR"



〒106-0031 東京都港区西麻布1-11-6

1-11-6 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0031, Japan

+81-(0)3-5771-2469(front desk)
By Train
Hibiya Line ”Roppongi” Station 6 minute walk from Exit 2
Oedo Line ”Roppongi”station 7 minute walk from Exit 4b
Chiyoda Line ”Nogizaka”station 8 minute walk from Exit 5
Maximum number 4 units
Reservation required / vehicle height restriction (2.1 m)


Connect with Hotel & Residence Roppongi

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