Hotel & Residence Roppongi, Residence, Serviced apartment

  • Perfectly appointed Hotel Residence for Comfortable Quality Living in the heart of Tokyo.
  • Our New Locale called Nishiroku. We are just between Roppongi and Nishiroku so the name brings to mind dashion, ease and peace of mind.
  • Hotel Service with all the Comforts and Class of Home.
  • Business at your fingertips, office, conference room, workshop space... all for you to utilize as required.
  • Enjoy Japanese and Intalian Fusion Dining at Coconoma Restaurant Pasta with Chopsticks.


In search of comfortable residential hotel living over the short to extended term?
Our Hotel & Residence Serviced Apartments are your Perfect Solution.

Enjoy the change in season and change in viewpoint that comes with stays in various locales.
Inspired by Nishi Azabu and Roppongi, motivated by the bustle of Tokyo and mystery of Japan.
A single suitcase is all you need to get started with your Tokyo Boutique Lifestyle.
Maybe Spring for the Cherry Blossoms in Japan and then a Cooler Summer in Europe?
Unique and Varied Lifestyle is at Your Fingertips.
Our residential living offers the peace of mind of home with the convenience and service of a hotel.
Open your window, enjoy your balcony, cook in your own kitchen, yet still benefit from concierge services,
in-house restaurants and cafes for meetings with colleagues and friends.
Explore Life in a Hotel. See what Difference Various Locales can Make to your Imagination and Success.
As the friendly, bi-lingual concierge welcomes you back, you can relax in your personal abode.
True peace of mind and inspiration in the midst of hustle and bustle in the big city.
We propose this comfortable and convenient lifestyle for you.

1month Longer than a month


1month~ / Furnished / hotel services

Perfect for short to extended stay of one month or longer.
A plan-「Hotel Life with Residential Peace of Mind」
In addition to a house cleaning and indoor maintenance, access rental for various equipment and utilize concierge services, i.e.,
parcel reception and delivery, catering, taxi service, etc..
Check in with one simple suitcase since all the furnishings, linen, cutlery, washer/dryer, internet and more are ready from the moment you enter your new residential hotel apartment.

Check here for the details of the Serviced Apartment
1year One year house rental


/ A fixed two year rented house contract /
/ Office registration is possible /
/ Hotel facilities are available /

The contract is renwable.
Each apartment is rented as "semi-furnished"The apartments include free wife and other hotel services are available to all residents.Enjoy hotel services i.e. meeting room and Salon rental at "Resident" rates, the convenience and effieciency of our service will make your business more effective than ever.We also offer a plan to include furniture rental in your SOHO office space, please do not hesitate to ask.
(A fixed two year rented house contract / office registration is possible. )

Check here for details on our SOHO service

Just living is not enough, have a creative and comfortable life with us!

You can relax and enjoy your drink at our lounge bar or have meetings and private parties in special salon…
H&R attracts people who are passionate about creating new cultures, businesses and life styles.
Just living is not enough, have a creative and comfortable life with us!


  • COCONOMA Season Dining

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    MEMBERS SALON 1310 Details of MEMBERS SALON 1310

A unique, eclectic concept and design.

Each concept and design varies room to room. There is surely one to pique your interest and inspire your mind.


※Please note the apartments pictured may already be occupied.

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  • Rental Flow / Serviced Apartment
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