Kissho-Zu(auspicious paintings)~Solo Exhibiton of Yuki KOYANO Jan 9-Feb.7 / Making Works in Public Jan 17-20


As the 1st art exhibition of 2016 we introduce young and promised artist Yuki KOYANO.
Please enjoy his works of auspicious paintings in which he has taken various new approaches so far.

◯Profile of Yuuki KOYANO
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1993, he used to paint lots of works and studied Art at Toho High School. Since 2012 He has been studying Japanese Painting at Tokyo University of Arts and now he is at the 4th year. From 2011 he has been actively joinning lots of group exhibitions and doing several solo exhibitions.

【Opening Party】15:00 ~ 17:00, Sunday Jan 10
Mr. KOYANO will talk about his works over some drinks.
*free admisson, no appointment necessary
*Place: Coconoma Season Dining (1st floor, Hotel & Residence Ropongi)

【Making Works in Public】15:00 17:00, Jan 17, 19, 20 (evening on Jan 18)
Mr.KOYANO will stay at Roppongi Hotel S and make some works in public.
*free admission, no appointment necessary
*Place: Libray Lounge’Labo’ (1st floor, Hotel & Residence Ropongi)

【To view works in Coconoma Season Dining】
Please be noted that you are required to order some drinks or food when you view works in the main dining ‘Coconoma Season Dining’.
The business hours of Coconoma is from 7am to 1am.

Please come to see the art works and enjoy your time over some drinks and food.

Toru YAMAMOTO, director of art & public relations
Tamaki KITAMURA, art projects coordinator