G design 2014 logoH&R Roppongi won the famous “Good Design Awards 2014”! The concept of our renovation project is highly evaluated ; …redefining 2 types of living space (furnished apartment rents for a month and apartment rents for a year) into a new one complex that provides a living space for various periods.

■Award-winning item : A renovation of a complex of a hotel & apartments [HOTEL & RESIDENCE ROPPONGI]

■Company(Nationality)Shimada Asset Partners (Japan), Hiroyuki Ito Architects (Japan)

This is a renovation project of a complex building of a hotel and a condominium built about 30 years ago. In recent years, after the hotel went bankrupt, rooms gradually became vacant, and it seemed like a ruin. Then we designed not only building but use of the building. We read the hotel as a living space rents for a day. And we divided the condominium into 2 types of living space, one is a furnished apartment rents for a month, the other is an apartment rents for a year. Without a change of use in the law, we redefined 2 facilities as new one provides a living space for various periods.

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